Monetization: Sell Licensing Rights via There are no upfront costs or obligations when selling content via AdultCentro Market. We do charge a commission once a sale has been completed. Click Here to review AdultCentro Market Commission structure. Lease your content through There are no upfront costs or obligations when leasing content via AdultCentro Publisher. You will be paid a revenue-share based on earnings accrued from your content. Click Here to review AdultCentro Publisher Revenue Share percentage. 3rd Party Monetization There are no upfront costs for sending your content to a 3rd Party via AdultCentro Cloud. 3rd Party Monetization can provide additional revenue streams for your content. Each 3rd Party channel may have unique payout agreements. All terms will be clearly disclosed beforehand.
Your Content to Your Own Site AdultCentro Cloud can be used as a video storage and delivery platform to power your online business eliminating the need for expensive storage, encoding, and Content Delivery Network expenses.
Storage Usage
Usage Rate Unit
Up to 1 TB / month $ 0.10 per GB
Up to 49 TB / month $ 0.09 per GB
Up to 450 TB / month $ 0.08 per GB
Up to 500 TB / month $ 0.07 per GB
Up to 4000 TB / month $ 0.06 per GB
Up to 5000 TB / month $ 0.04 per GB
* Storage pricing is charged based on source files & encoded formats
Video Delivery via Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Usage Rate Unit
Up to 10 TB / month $ 0.06 per GB
Up to 40 TB / month $ 0.04 per GB
Up to 100 TB / month $ 0.03 per GB
Up to 350 TB / month $ 0.02 per GB
* Delivery available via API or AdultCentro Publisher Site-Builder
3rd Party Partner: Become an AdultCentro partner and gain access to the massive amount of content from Producers and Studios already on our platform. Realize savings in finance and time by offloading content ingestion, storage, encoding & delivery while you focus on your core business of monetizing content.

Due to the unique nature of every business including various business models we prefer to speak with you in order to create a solution that's suitable and profitable to all parties.

If you'd like to become a 3rd Party monetization channel for AdultCentro's content Producers please contact us at
Encoding: AdultCentro provides standalone encoding and transcoding service for audio-visual works.

To receive a quote, please contact us at with details about the current and desired formats as well as the amount of content you need encoded.