What is AC Cloud
Easily add all your video, photo and audio content, get it checked and verified by industry professionals for accuracy and store it securely on our Cloud Servers featuring daily backups.
Use your content to create your own sites through our wizard, sell rights to a global audience of buyers or receive monthly leasing revenue.
AC Cloud Features
Single storage for all your distribution needs in the digital space.
Manage your content, licenses, sales and revenue in one single location.
Monetize content through any of the AC services with a few clicks of the mouse.
24/7 access to our world class content and support teams.
Automatically encode content into usable formats for various devices and platforms.
Revenue and statistics reports available at any time, from anywhere you have internet access.
Don't have a site yet? Not a problem. Create a stand-alone fully customized paysite in just 10 minutes with AC Publisher. Showcase only your own content or include 14,000+ additional titles from the AdultCentro Leasing Database. The choice is yours. Your content on biggest Worldwide Marketplace Global content rights distribution market has never been so accessible. Increase revenue from your content by selling more rights in more territories. Gain exposure to untapped markets such as Cable & Satellite, IPTV, Mobile Application Developers and more. You remain in control of your content; determine your license terms & price, while we do the marketing and you count your revenues. Your content in the AC leasing database Looking for a consistent revenue stream? Want to make more from your existing library? Lease your content to thousands of paysites and web properties through AC Publisher and watch your revenues skyrocket. Your content on your own site With AC Cloud forget about unstructured, messy content folders, manual document management and overloaded servers. We will keep all your data organized and classified to the latest world standards, making it acceptable by any CMS or content monetizing platform. Import you content or stream to any site directly from AC Cloud receiving detailed reports on traffic usage and revenue. Simple to use. Simple to control. Maintain full control over you content, legal documents and contracts with AC Cloud. Receive notifications about expiring contracts, or consult with our content team - world leading professionals in content distribution. Use the AC Cloud Helper desktop tool to easily upload your content and stay updated with our internal notification system. World-class content standards! Every content item is thoroughly reviewed and verified by our content team for completeness and accuracy. All content is organized using a standardized file structure compatible with majority of tube and paysite scripts including seamless integration with all AC content monetization services. B2B and B2C content distribution made easy AC platform offers a wide range of SAAS initiatives that’s unrivaled in the content distribution and monetization arena. Whether you're a single performer or a large studio, we already conquered the market for you - just add your content and start selling to paysite owners or end-users while retaining full control over the price and terms.